Steinar Killi, Oslo School of Architecture & Design presents: “Developing Products”

Steinar Killi, Professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design, presents during the 3D Printing Materials Conference: “Developing products for additive manufacturing”.

Design rules regarding the actual production with additive manufacturing equipment have been extensively discussed, almost since the technology emerged during the nineties. However, the influence this technology has had on the design process is less investigated. This talk will address how the development of products has changed due to additive manufacturing.

selfportrait killiAbout Steinar Killi
Steinar is a full professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, he has a master degree in materials and processes and a PhD in Industrial design and Additive Manufacturing. Killi has been working in the Additive Manufacturing industry, doing research and design for 20 years; he has published internationally and is a member of several scientific boards.

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