Rachel Gordon, IDTechEx presents: “Markets, Trends and Opportunities of 3D Printing Materials”

Rachel Gordon, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, presents at the 3D Printing Materials Conference: “Markets, Trends and Opportunities of 3D Printing Materials”. 

A comprehensive overview of the technologies and materials available for 3D Printing, including the technologies available for printing in different materials, the advantages and disadvantages of each, trends in the industry, profiles of the key players, and insights from end users.

Rachel Gordon - officeAbout Rachel Gordon
Rachel Gordon has a BA in Natural Sciences and first-class MSci in Materials Science and Metallurgy from Cambridge University. Her master’s project focussed on manufacturing and testing novel, sustainable, photovoltaic materials. She has also worked on projects including sustainably synthesising graphene from glucose in Cambridge University Engineering Department, developing deposition techniques for organometallic thin films at the University of Goettingen, and researching lead-free piezoelectric ceramics at the University of Technology in Hamburg. She now focusses on research into the markets and applications of 3D Printing Technologies and Materials.

About IDTechEx
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