Madjid Djemai, Z3DLAB, Presents: “New Additive Manufacturing Composite Materials: Titanium/ Zirconium for Selective Laser Melting”

The French start-up Z3DLAB, a specialist in metal additive manufacturing has developed a new composite material Titanium/Zirconium: ZTI-Powder®. It combines the Zirconia’s hardness with Titanium’s malleability. It is 100% inert and 50% stronger than Titanium and withstands over 1000°C. And at the same time is extremely light.

ZTI-Powder® is the hardest material in the world for Additive Manufacturing by Laser Melting.

ZTi-Powder® combined with the SLM technology will create a huge range of unexplored opportunities in Medical, Aeronautics, Luxury, Automotive and Energy industries.

About Madjid Djemai

Serial entrepreneur with over 20 years in high technology, visionary inventor with over 15 patents in materials and manufacturing processes.

About Z3DLAB

Z3DLAB, a specialist in metal additive manufacturing with its motto “we design and build different, for a better life.”