“Materials based challenges in 3D printing”, Presented by Brando Okolo, INDMATEC GmbH

Current practice-oriented understanding of how a material destined for 3D printing processing interacts with printers is inadequate. The thermo-mechanical processes which materials must endure during 3D printing processing are very influential. For high temperature thermoplastics and reinforced polymer matrix materials it can be a technical challenge to bring printed parts to fully conform to design tolerances. This presentation will focus on the development of a printing process control tool for high temperature polymers. The role of temperature, printing speed and fundamental material properties will be highlighted.

About Brando Okolo

Brando Okolo is a professor of materials science and engineering. His research focus is on the development of structure-property relationship for processed engineering materials. He has published extensively on the development of process induced residual stresses in crystalline materials. Since September 2014 he took up position as technical director at the 3D printing firm INDMATEC GmbH which he co-founded. He also holds a professorial position at the business school Karlshochschule – International University in Karlsruhe – Germany.


INDMATEC GmbH develops materials and 3D printers for the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing technology. This Karlsruhe based start-up currently has 25 staff members from 10 different nationalities. PEEK filaments and FFF 3D printers conditioned for PEEK printing are products which INDMATEC already offers in the market. 3D Printing jobs for PEEK parts is also a service business unit at INDMATEC. The company vision is to be a leading provider of high performance polymer based materials to industry using FFF 3D printing technology.