Marco Ezendam of Reden presents at 3D Printing Materials Conference: “Understanding of the performance”

Marco Ezendam is CEO of research development company Reden. In his presentation he will answer the questions: The printed product looks good, but is it really good? How do you know the product is OK from the design and not after severe testing? Insight is given in how modeling & simulation can help you design first time right.

marcoAbout Marco Ezendam
“After finishing the HTS fijnmechanische techniek and a study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente I started my own company. Nowadays it has grown to 40fte and is active in Biomedical engineering (BAAT) and modeling & simulation multi physics (Reden).”

About Reden
“Reden (Research Development Netherlands) can assist you with virtual product testing. We excel in the development of complex, physical products and systems, which must meet stringent requirements. We model these products and systems, and simulate various extreme conditions to check if they achieve the desired performance and, if not, to find modifications which improve the products and systems so that they do. We work from a multi-physics approach, usually with a mechanics/dynamics component. Combination of mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, electronics, acoustics or other types of physics requires a combination of various virtual models with different characteristics, which we can model and simulate.

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