‘Laser Sintering of Multimaterial Parts’ by Johannes Lohn, Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC)

Johannes Lohn of Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) presents at the 3D Printing Materials Conference: “Laser Sintering of Multimaterial Parts”. Conventionally, Multimaterial Parts are produced by multi-component injection molding or by assembling of single parts.

The production is very complex, slow and expensive. The development of new additive manufacturing techniques to process different material in one part extends the design freedom. The research focuses on powder based AM, where one powder material is applied 2-dimensional by roller or blade. To realize Multimaterial Parts by SLS (Polymers) or SLM (Metals) it is necessary to investigate solutions for selective powder coating. Additionally material combinations have to be identified that can be processed with similar process parameters as building temperature or laser power.

About Johannes Lohn
Since 2013 Johannes Lohn is working at the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) at the University of Paderborn where he studied mechanical engineering before. He focuses on the topics Laser Sintering of New Materials and Multimaterial Parts.
About DMRC
The Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) is a research center of the University of Paderborn that analyses and researches the benefits of Additive Manufacturing along the value chain with the support of industrial partners. Here you can find the DMRC Report 2014 for further information, click here.