Filomeno Martina, Cranfield University presents: “Large scale metal additive manufacturing”

Dr. Filomeno Martina of Cranfield University presents at the 3D Printing Materials Conference: “Large scale metal additive manufacturing”.

Depositing large structures (20kg+) in titanium, aluminium, steel and other materials is possible by using Wire+arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). High deposition rates, low material and equipment costs, and good structural integrity make WAAM a suitable candidate for replacing the current way of manufacturing out of solid billets or large forgings. This presentation will cover the latest advances in the WAAM technology from both the practical and metallurgical point of views.

DSC_1640_About Filomeno Martina
Filomeno received his PhD in Additive Manufacturing from Cranfield University. Previously he earned an MSc also from Cranfield and an MEng in Industrial and Management Engineering from Polytechnic of Bari (Italy). He now works as research fellow in the Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre, Cranfield University, where he’s part of the Wire+Arc Additive Manufacturing development team. His expertise is focused mainly on titanium, microstructure and mechanical properties control, and new process development.

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