“3D printing of optics” – Presented by Ricardo Blomaard, Luxexcel

Established additive manufacturing technologies such as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), stereo lithography (SLA) and Polyjet are commonly used in the creation of functional 3D prototypes. The disadvantage of these technologies is the formation of visible layering, which only can be removed by labor intensive technique such as polishing. We have developed an inkjet based process that is able to 3D print fully transparent products with high smoothness. No post-processing is required, which makes the technology suitable for rapid manufacturing and small series production of optics.

About Ricardo Blomaard

Ricardo Blomaard has received his BS in chemistry at the HZ University of Applied Science in 2012 and joined Luxexcel in the same year. His work is focused on the development of optical materials and optimization of printing processes.

About Luxexcel

Luxexcel Group is the Inventor of the revolutionary Printoptical Technology. The patented 3D printing process is a unique digital technology especially developed to make functional optics, both in small and large quantities. The “one-step-CAD-to-Optic” process enables the manufacturing of directly smooth printed optical components and does not require post processing. Luxexcel has 26 employees and is headquartered in Kruiningen, the Netherlands.